[ Course Info. ] Electronic Ceramic (English-Taught Courses)

【110-2微學分課程】電子陶瓷(Electronic Ceramic) English-Taught Courses

★選課網址(Course Registration Website):前往ICT選課系統

★選課時間(Course Registration Time):111/02/25(五)~03/08(二)

★課程名稱(Course Name)

電子陶瓷 (Electronic Ceramics) – English-Taught Course

★課程概述與目標(Course summary and target)


This is a fully English-taught course.
(i) To acquaint with the widespread use of ceramic mate1ials for various electronic applications.

(ii)  To provide the needed background relating composition and processing of these ceramic materials to particular dielec tric, ferroelectric, piezoelectric pyroelectric properties, ionic and semiconductin gprope1iies.

(iii) To relate these prope1ties and compositions to the design and fabrication of useful products such as capacitors, resistors, insulators, sensors, actuators, memories devices, microwave filters, photo-catalysis, etc.

★先修科目或先備能力(Prerequisite/Require ability)
General Physics, Chemistry and Calculus, English.

★課程日期與時間(Course Time)
111/03/15 (Tue) -4/27 (Wed)
每週二 11:10-12:30 (Every Tuesday 11:10-12:30)
每週三 11:10-12:30 (Every Wednesday 11:10-12:30)

★課程總時數 (Total number of  Course Time)

★上課地點 (Class location)
工程六館   EF352 (Engineering building 6 EF352)

★授課教師(Course Teacher)
程海東  講座教授  (Chair Prof.  Haydn Chen)

★課程領域(Course Territory)
跨領域實作 (Cross-disciplinary topics)

★修課人數上限(Maximum number of people for the course)
40人 (40 persons)

★作業、考試、評量 (Homework, Exam, Score)

期中及期末考試(或期末報告) (Midterm and Final Exam or Final report)
成績將會登入在NEW e3喔!(Results will be announced in NEW e3)

★選課須知(Notice of Course Registration)
6.完成選課後,所有報名者進行亂數抽選 (並非先搶先贏)。

1.Regulations for assessment of Short Courses are the same as for the regular courses. Registered students have to pass class homework, test, discussion, lab, practice or achievement publishing, by following the notification and receiving the approval by the class teacher
2.Student in this short course will receive 0.5 credit for every 9 hours completed; no credit will be given for a study period less than 9 hours.
3.Students in class have to conduct Credential Login Application at Year 4, semester 1 to record the credits, as required of by NCTU.
4.Whether the credit obtained from the course is applicable to graduation requirement is dependent on the decision of the student’s department.
5.This course is first available to the undergraduate student within the offering department until the total number of allowed registered students in this course is full. If the number is not full, the course is also open to the master degree and PhD students but no credit can be counted for the graduate students.
6.After registration and if the total registered student number exceeds the approved one, there will be a random draw to select students who have signed up; it is not  by first come first served basis.

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