[ Activity ] 2022 National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, International College of Semiconductor Technology “Excellent Student Journal Paper Award” Selection

Application Deadline: December 7th, 2022.

Late submissions will not be accepted.

1. In order to encourage our students to actively engage in research, publish research results in international journals, improve the quality of academic papers and strengthen student’s research and development capabilities, the following regulations have been formulated:

2. Applicant must be a current matriculating student of the school.

3. For SCI journal papers or conference papers published by the applicant in the name of the school, the applicant is the first author or has contributed equally to the first author (must be indicated in the published paper); papers published or accepted between November 1st, 2021 to October 31st, 2022; latest impact factor (IF, Impact Factor) of the journal is ranked in the top 50% of their field (RF, Rank by Journal Impact Factor) or those with an IF value of 1.5 (inclusive) or above (hereinafter referred to as excellent journal papers).

4. Journal Paper Award Application:

  • Application process:
    1. Fill out the application form: The applicant (must be a student of the College at the time of applying) will fill out and print the Excellent Student Journal Paper  Award application form (shown in Attachment 1), and sign the application form in person.
    2. Submission to the College Office: Applicants should submit the application form to the College Office after an advisor signs the application form.
  • Application materials:
    1. Excellent Student Journal Paper Award application form
    2. The first page of the accepted or published paper (see Attachment 2 for an example)
    3. Information should include the author’s information, the author’s affiliation, and the date of acceptance or publication
    4. The Impact Factor value or Ranking Factor certificates of the journal to which the paper belongs (see Appendix 3 for an example)
    5. If the paper has not been published, please attach the acceptance letter of the paper (please print the digital letter, please do not print a cut-and-paste version)
    6. Please submit the above physical and electronic files to the College Office.

5. Up to three winners will be selected for each of the following three sub-fields, who will each receive an award and have 3 minutes to make an acceptance speech at the College’s event:

    1. Solid-state Electron Devices Fabrication Process
    2. Circuit/System Design, Microwave Engineering
    3. Materials Science and Physics