Graduate Student Researcher Position

Prof. Artur Useinov is seeking for Reseach Assistant among students with max salary 25 k NTD per month.
By one of the topics below:
1) Theoretical modeling of the MEMRISTOR. The devices with multi-state resistor behavior. Application: memory, simulation of neurons, p-bit logic, etc.
2) Theory of the contact resistance Metal/2D material (i.e. MoS2, WSe2, SnS2 ). QuantumWise programming (details of software see in
3) Simulation of Tunnel FinFET and InGaAs capacitor-less DRAM simulation
4) P-bit logic simulation (HSPICE, LTSpice, etc). Magnetic tunnel junctions.
5) Developing the theory of the interface conductance in presence of spin-orbit interactions for application in semiconductors. Magnetic Semiconductors.

Contacts: Prof. Artur Useinov, email: