(1) The MS program shall develop students for the emerging semiconductor industry and/or advanced research and teaching faculty in academia.

(2) This unique program offers semiconductor-technology-centric curriculum by integrating the excellent professors in the field from ICST and other Departments in NYCU.

(3) The design of the curriculum shall balance theory and practice with both depth and breadth to foster students with professional knowledge such as electronic devices and components, VLSI manufacturing and processing technology, packaging, and reliability. The emphasis is put on both theory and practice to foster semiconductors (electronic components, manufacturing, Packaging)

(4) English teaching, project report, and Master thesis

(5) Master’s thesis shall foster training in problem solving and building theoretical knowledge.


Curriculum planning of ICST-NYCU Overseas Master Degree Program:

Compulsory Courses
VLSI Manufacture Technology3
Packaging Technology and Equipment3
Electronic and Optoelectronic Materials3
Materials Characterization for Semiconductors3
Elective Courses
Thin Film Technology 3
Surface Characterization and Analysis3
Advanced Process and Equipment Technologies in Microelectronics3
Introduction to Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology3
Solid State Physics3
Semiconductor Physics and Devices (I)3
Thesis (2 semesters in 2nd year)

Students have the same privilege and access to on-line course registration system and on-line e-campus teaching/course platform, where reference materials, course reading materials, course notes, lecture notes (NYCU Academic Affairs Digital Content Production Center) are made available.