Tuition and Scholarship

[ Tuition ]

Registration fee: $250 (USD) per semester

Credit fee: $250 (USD) per credit hour

[ Government Scholarship ]

First Academic Year (in Vietnam)

  • Level A+ students: Full tuition waiver and 10-month stipend (NTD$4,500/month) *
  • Level A students: Full tuition waiver.

Second Academic Year (in Taiwan)

Full tuition waiver and 12-month stipend (NTD$10,000 ~ 15,000/month)


  1. *To be eligible for the scholarship in the second academic year, a minimum level (80 points) is required for all courses during the first academic year. Eligible students will be evaluated for scholarship renewal based on their academic performance.
  2. Coverage of Tuition Waiver: basic tuition and credit fees (campus facility fee, dormitory fee, insurance and other surcharges are not covered).
  3. The above-mentioned stipend will be jointly supported by the College and the advisor.

[ Elite Scholarship Program for Southeast Asia Students in Semiconductor Field ] (Industry-Sponsored Project、TSMC)

  1. Eligibility:
    • Students who gain the admission to ICST, NYCU and major in Semiconductor field with outstanding academic records.
    • Proof of Chinese Language Proficiency: TOCFL Level 1 *.
    • Teleconference interview if needed.
  2. Amount: Full tuition waiver and up to 2-years stipend (NTD $15,000/month)
  3. Required Obligations:
    • Take the Chinese-Language Course in the duration of study.
    • Join Industry Summer Internship Program.


  1. *Applicant’s Chinese language proficiency should meet the minimum requirement of TOCFL Level 1 or have equivalent qualifications; Applications without sufficient language proficiency may be given lower priority during review process.
  2. Industry sponsors reserve the right to change or modify any conditions contained in the terms, at any time and in our sole discretion.