Graduate Career Development

The International College of Semiconductor Technology (ICST) of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) is committed to the development of high-end talents with global mobility. The research focuses on semiconductor fields such as semiconductor materials, solid-state electronic components, high-end system packaging, integrated circuit design and heterogeneous systems integration. In order to meet the goal of seamless integration of graduates in the academics and the workplace, our doctoral thesis and master’s thesis are mainly engaged in research on advanced topics in combination with industrial needs. The curriculum design and thesis research training emphasize that the graduates of the college must have the following core competence including core competence of expertise and core competencies of basic capabilities:

Core Competence – Expertise
Core Competency 1: Core knowledge of semiconductor materials, electronics, and circuit science.
Core Competency 2: Familiar with the characteristics of quantum physics, semiconductor physics and its applications.
Core Competency 3: Understand the professional ability of integrated circuit process and integrated circuit design.
Core Competency 4: Practice the principles of 3D integrated circuits, MEMS, advanced packaging and sensing components, with the expertise of heterogeneous system integration.
Core Competency 5: Understand the core of semiconductor critical process equipment (process equipment for lithography, diffusion, thin film deposition, and chemical mechanical polishing) and inspection equipment (film thickness, electrical, and physicochemical properties).

Core Competence – Basic Knowledge
Core Competency 6: Understand the international development trend of transnational culture as well as semiconductor industry, and continue to enhance competitiveness.
Core Competency 7: Able to present the research results in clear professional manner in essays, papers or briefings, and have an international perspective and the ability to develop international standards.
Core Competency 8: Participate in multinational R&D teams, with the ability to integrate information, communicate and coordinate, and fully exert individual creativity.
Core Competency 9: Compliance with engineering ethics, ethical laws, and intellectual property rights.

As the graduates of the college is to be equipped with the core competencies listed above, to the continuation to pursuing doctoral programs in the semiconductor field, graduates of ICST are highly qualified and are much required in the semiconductor industry and the electronics industry. Most of the graduates enter internationally renowned semiconductor companies and chip design companies and R&D departments, such as in TSMC, MediaTek, and many diverse and promising career paths.