College Chronicle Events


  • – August, 2015 International College of Semiconductor Technology officially established.
  • – September, 2016 First outstanding doctoral students and master students sent to UCLA for a dual degree program.
  • – September, 2017 First outstanding master students sent to Tokyo Institute of Technology to study dual degree.
  • – September, 2017 First time outstanding doctoral students sent to KU Leuven & IMEC, Belgium for dual degree and internship.


  • – September, 2018 The first dual master’s degree student from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan arrives ICST, NCTU, Taiwan.
  • – September, 2018 The first dual doctoral degree student from the National University of Malaysia arrives at ICST, NCTU, Taiwan.
  • – February, 2019 The first dual doctoral degree student of the University of Armenia arrives at ICST, NCTU, Taiwan
  • – September, 2019 Establishment of the Vietnamese Master’s Overseas Program