Direction of Academic Research and Development

The semiconductor industry plays a key role in the development of global technology. Whether it is the various electronic components and sensors we use today, or the smart phones, tablets and computers that are used by people, the semiconductor industry makes our lives more progressive. In addition, 5G mobile communication, intelligent robots, artificial intelligence (AI) computing and deep learning technology are also revolutionary for the future development on the basis of semiconductor wafers. The International College of Semiconductor Technology (ICST), NCTU, is positioned as an industry-oriented internationalization institute dedicated to the innovation and application of semiconductor technology. Our research focuses on semiconductor materials, solid-state electronic components, high-end system packaging, integrated circuit design and heterogeneous systems integrate packaging and other semiconductor fields. To further strengthen patent acquisition, develop the next generation of semiconductor technology in Taiwan, cultivate professional high-level talents to lead the Taiwan semiconductor industry, ICST is aiming to consolidate the influence of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry on the international market and guide Taiwan to emerge as a key player in the emerging technology industry.