University of Granada(UGR)

Dual Degree Program between NYCU and UGR

For Inbound Students



Dual degree program(DDP) is conducted jointly by two universities based on their existing programs. Students meeting the requirements and regulations from the participating universities and the DDP will receive recognition of the degree by both universities. Upon completion of the program requirements, students are awarded with two degrees, one from each of the participating universities, or one degree jointly by both universities. Students are welcome to apply Dual Degree Program at ICST of NYCU. ICST is the single application portal for all DDP applicants from the University of Granada.

Application for Admissions: (Important Dates)

EnrollmentApplicationAnnouncement Course Begins

Fall SemesterDec. 20-Mar. 15Mid-MayMid-September

Spring Semester Aug. 10-Sep. 30 Mid-NovemberMid-February

Admission Requirement:

  • Admission Application form
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Graduation Certificate of Master’s Degree
  • Official Transcripts (English or Chinese)
  • Two recommendation letters
  • CV
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency: TOEFL (IBT) min. 80
  • Graduate Entrance Exam Result: GRE (Quantative): Min. 153
  • Bank statement
  • Proof of Nationality: 1.Passport 2.If the applicant does not have the passport, the national ID or related identity certificate should be submitted


All courses in the program, except Chinese language courses, are lectured in ENGLISH.

Course & Regulations:

  • ICST-NYCU Academic Regulation for UGR DDP students
  • Requirements from NYCU:
    1. Course work: 2 compulsory courses, seminar in each semester during study, total 18 credits of courses completed in NYCU or partner university;
    2. Publication: 2 SCI paper published or equivalent

Admission SOP for UGR DDDP students

  • NYCU supervisor must agree to become the jointly appointed professor of ICST.
  • Regulation and requirements for each participating department differs.

Application Form 1-1(UGR)


Application Form 1-1(UGR) 13.75 KB 34 downloads


Application Form 1-2_supervision approval (UGR)