Tokyo Institute of Technology(TIT)

國立陽明交通大學國際半導體產業學院–日本東京工業大學 雙聯碩士學位

Double Degree Master’s Program between Tokyo Institute of Technology and ICST, NYCU

Enrollment Date: Spring (April)

1. Master’s program students in the International College of Semiconductor Technology, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University.
2. Students who have found a professor from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan to be their advisor.

Application date: Effective immediately until 15th, September (Wed.)

ICST Application Period:
Mid-October to End-November

TIT Application Period:
Mid-January to Early-April

ICST Required documents:
1. Dual degree application form for Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan
2. Undergraduate/Master’s program transcripts
3. Parent Consent Form
4. Consent of being advisor from TIT side (email is acceptable)
5. Certificate of English proficiency test

1. Scholastic ability test in three out of four areas (electronic circuits, engineering mathematics, electromagnetics and quantum physics)
2. Oral test

For details, please refer to the website of Tokyo Institute of Technology

Contact Information:
International Relation Team,
Tel: +886-35712121 #55903 / E-mail:
Address: R301, MIRC Building, 1001 University Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan